Development time:
On and off during a 3 month period

Level design planning & pre production
Scripting (kismet) Bot support + AI tweaking
Prop making
Modular walls, floors Custom textures & materials

Maya, Photoshop, Ndo2, Unreal Engine 3


“This is a well made map. The person who made it spent a lot of time and effort and really got into what makes a map fun. There are a lot of map makers who could learn from this example.”
– subscriber

 “I like the atmosphere a lot” – subscriber

“BEST MAP SO FAR !” – subscriber



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 Overview & workflow

overviewMap overview

ny112Basic flow first objective. Attackers blue, defenders red

pilsista Basic flow second objective

1 Adding bot support and tweaking AI was crucial to quickly be able to try out new iterations

2013-03-20_00023Tweaking the lights, fog and skybox to set the right atmosphere

modular Example of modular wall and window pieces I made along with custom materials

Walkthrough: TE-West-Harbor

2013-03-20_00024 The Hangar offers intense indoor shoot-outs at 2 floors

countryscreenThe Countryside. Quickly get back into action or stay to defend parts of both objectives

2013-03-20_00031Corridor rushes with alternative ways

2013-03-20_00018 The Office hallway, second objective