Developed by:

Development time:
5 weeks (during a 10 week period)

My responsibilities:
Level design planning & pre-production for Derailed
Game design
Scripting Python scripts to be able to use Maya as an editor
Level dressing for Derailed
Lighting for Derailed
Placing enemies and tweaking behavior for Derailed
Scripting events for Derailed
Choosing music
Publish game on IndieDB and Desura

XML, Python, Maya, LUA

New version of the level Derailed with better graphics, tech and design

DEMO - new tech, design & graphics

Play the full game with all three levels available on IndieDB and Desura





overviewOverview of the main part of my level Derailed (the entry and exit tunnel not in the picture)

overview2Flowchart of the main level

underoverpassFlowchart of the 2nd floor and basement

overviewALLFlowchart all floors with pickups

cullAn example of the export script I made in Python. Making it possible for us to use Maya as a level editor to export data to XML. In this picture building rooms for culling and light bake

triggerUsing shelf buttons to place triggers and connecting them making our scripting much easier


A view inside the light editor provided by the programmers. Also works for placing decals and nodes for AI

2After baking lights


Walkthrough: Derailed

3The beginning of the level when the player is exiting the tunnel

4Player steps up on platform. Continue towards red light or go for health pick-up around the corner

5Smeared blood on stairs hints player to go downstairs. SMG pickup straight ahead

6Entering the underpass all with new weapon and health kits

Spawn event choking the player from both directions. Fighting them off and continue up the stairs

The train from the first platform comes through the wall. Blocking the path to the right leading the player left

The player spots a locked gate. Goes around the back

Finds a storage room with a button to the locked gate. Refill ammo

Opening the gate triggers the second spawn event. Player fights off hords of mutants while gate slowly opens

Transphoria 2013-04-22 16-01-44-67
The Overpass. Granade Launcher pick up (screenshot from old version)

Transphoria 2013-04-22 16-03-48-74Leaving the last platform towards the exit tunnel. Refills health kits in the toilet (screenshot from old version)

Transphoria 2013-04-22 14-43-02-13Completing the level by leaving the tunnel (screenshot from old version)