Developed by:
Full Control

Development time:
1 year

My responsibilities:
Pre-production & planning
– Help shaping the tools for level designers and community modders
– Writing workflow guidelines for both artists and level designers
– Fitting the story with gameplay and progression

Game design
– Combat system
– Perks
– Stat/Skill design
– Interaction design
– And more

Level design
– Leading a team of 4 designers
– Overall planning of the world map (strategic level)
– Progression/pacing
– Design for various key sectors
– Design for various filler sectors
– General beautification of sectors (dressing, lighting, VFX)
– Mission/quest design

Also been part of various videos/tutorials for the community/backers

Photoshop, Unity, Chatmapper

Jagged Alliance: Flashback On Steam
Early Access 


Modding tutorial videos

Dev diary 3


JaggedAllianceFlashback_03JaggedAllianceFlashback_01JaggedAllianceFlashback_04 JaggedAllianceFlashback_06 JaggedAllianceFlashback_07JaggedAllianceFlashback_09JaggedAllianceFlashback_02JaggedAllianceFlashback_10JaggedAllianceFlashback_GUI_03_fullhd



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